About Us


Yum Bakery and Bistro are a family run company that started in the Calgary Farmers Market in 2009 we are known for their made from scratch and fresh daily philosophy.


Debbie and David have a large family (7 children) almost all who have worked behind the counter serving up treats over the years. This year will mark the entrance of the 8th grandchild into the world so you can guarantee that when you don’t see them at work Debbie and David are spending time with their family.


Debbie and David pride themselves on being apart of the Calgary small business community and love to support other small businesses as much as possible by using local whenever they can.


Yum Bakery offers traditional and modern desserts, pastry, artisan bread and much more (we do a little bit of everything) that are all made from scratch and fresh daily. We have a wonderful pastry team that works hard to keep our standards extremely high while continuing time honoured traditions in the kitchen.